Investment Banking & Strategy Solutions

As an investment banking firm we can connect you to banks, insurance companies, pension funds, endowments, corporations, fund of funds managers, foundations, government and non-government organizations who operate under provincial and federal regulatory authorities.  Typically, these entities look for businesses experiencing growth, with a positive track-record, exceptional management teams, superior governance culture, bias for execution and an above average use of advanced technologies in operation.

We are unable to assist start-ups.

We assist:

  • By assisting our clients in preparing for presentations to institutions in our network.
  • With business combinations, especially, divestitures – we prepare our clients to optimize value in acquisitions and sell situations, strategic review of options and perform due diligence. We prepare for any restructuring or changes to the operating business models.
  • With corporate restructurings (special loan situations), we assist clients in advance of their lenders crystallizing their security. We work with the leadership and owners to rationalize existing operations and negotiating with current lenders to stabilize where achievable.