Corporate Governance Advisory

We work in Canada and international markets with decision makers, the C-Suites and boards of directors. We concentrate on corporate governance, risk management, board composition and nominations, director education, peer-group evaluations, board’s role in strategy development and execution, and director onboarding. We cover financial services, real-estate, transport, health services, pharmaceutical, natural resources and diversified industries; these entities are public, private, not-for-profit and crown corporations.

With heightened sensitivity around accountability and governance, shareholders and regulators have realized that to access capital superior governance discipline is critical to capitalize in domestic and global markets.

We assist in:

  • Creating fresh governance framework and update the existing ones
  • Reviewing existing policies
    • Assess their continued applicability
    • Provide periodic updates addressing the impact of emerging risks, new regulations and new trends on processes and strategy
  • Evaluating (not audit) systems of internal control and their affect on board processes
    • Specific module/business unit/department
  • Enterprise-wide Integrated Risk Management
    • Operational
    • Financial
    • Capital Management
    • Cyber, data protection and privacy
    • Regulatory
  • Board Ownership (Whistleblowing, Internal or External Audit, and Ombudsman)
  • Board Development (Governance Education)
    • Customized or topical professional development
  • Preparing C-Suite and Boards for emerging risks and trends in governance
  • Identification and Preparation on issues, e.g., Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), Diversity, Cyber education.
  • Directors’ Onboarding
  • Directors’ peer evaluation
  • Providing insights in special situations, such as, M&A, disclosure, proxy advise, governance breaches, etc. We engage specialists wherever needed, particularly with internal investigations.